Are You Fed Up of Being Fed Up?

Are you fed up of being fed up?

If so, don’t panic!

That just means that you’re now ready for change. Sometimes you need to hit rock bottom before you can create the desire and energy to make things happen in your life… and sometimes you just need to be fed up!

Either way, stay positive and start to take actions that will move you forward in a new direction.

Take the first step… no matter how small… Take it!

Once you’ve done that, you’ll find a new energy for life.

The secret is then to maintain the passion to drive forward until you reach your goal.

One thing’s for sure… you won’t be fed up any more!

Keith L Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Internet Entrepreneur

How are your New Year’s Resolutions Going?

So… how are your New Year’s Resolutions going?

Have they fallen by the wayside already?

You’ll have to forgive me for appearing to be a little negative on this one! I’m certaibly not against people making a fresh start at the beginning of a new year… it’s just that so many people start of with good intentions and within a few weeks, or sometimes days, all of those good intentions seem to disappear down the drain!

So why should that be?

My guess is, that mos New Year’s Resolutions are simply dreams… things that people want to achieve… but without an action plan to make them happen!

So, if you’re starting to falter… don’t give in… simply put some actions into place… put some plans in place! That way, you have a much better chance of your resolutions coming to fruition and not falling by the wayside!

Good luck!

Keith Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Entrepreneur

Everything will make sense… one day!

One day… everything will make sense!

Until that day comes…

Laugh at the confusion…

Smile through the ups and downs and the tears…

And keep reminding yourself…


Yes… everything… happens for a reason!

Keith L Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Internet Entrepreneur

Choose To Be Happy… Right Now!

Yes, happiness is a choice…

Your choice!

All you have to do, is decide… right now… to be happy!

OK, so you may want more money… choose to be happy as you find ways to increase your income.

You may not be happy with your body. Too thin? Too heavy? Not toned up enough?

Be happy as you find ways to get the body you want! It’s a choice! Your choice!

There may be many things you want… many things you don’t have…

Simply decide to be happy as you work out ways to get the things you want in life.

Go on… do it!

Decide to be happy right now… it’s your choice!

Smile… be happy right now… join me!

Keith L Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Internet Entrepreneur

Be Kind… Give It Everything You Can!

Being fair and reasonable will earn you much respect and lots of admiration.

But… being genuinely kind will blow people’s minds… bringing you so much more!

Kindness is a habit… so give it everything you can… and do things from your heart.

One simple act of kindness will bring so much joy!

So… just imagine how much joy you will create by being kind… genuinely kind… all the time!

Go to it!

Keith L Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Internet Entrepreneur

Start By Motivating Yourself!

If you want to succeed at anything in life, start by motivating yourself!

Set yourself a challenging target that is part of a big, big vision!

And, as you begin to have success, you’ll find that people around you will become motivated by your success and they will then help you to even further success!

You can succeed on your own, but it’s much easier with the help and support of others!

Keith L Jones
Life Improvement coach and Internet Entrepreneur

You Too Can Win When The Odds Are Against You!

The Baggies (West Bromwich Albion) had not beaten Liverpool at Anfield since 1967… some 55 years ago. The winning goal was scored by Jeff Astle in a 1-0 victory!

So, what chance Albion beating them this year?

In fact, the Baggies again won 1-0, with a goal from Peter Odemwingie… despite Liverpool having over 61% of the possession and having 28 shots to Albion’s 9!

Against all the odds, the Baggies succeeded… because they believed they could win. they never once gave in… throwing bodies at the ball to prevent Liverpool scoring on more than one occasion!

Never give in!

Always believe you will succeed.

And more times than not… you will!

Keith L Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Internet Entrepreneur

Life isn’t Always Easy!

If life was always easy, how would you grow?

How would you get stronger?

Simply accept that along the way, you’ll encounter some pain… some anxiety… some sadness… some failure…

All you have to do, is deal with it… learn from it… and grow!

Then move on to bigger and better things!

Keith L Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Internet Entrepreneur

The Habitual Procrastinator is Always an Expert Creator of Excuses!

If you are so inclined, you can always find dozens of reasons why something can’t or shouldn’t be done…and precious few why it should or could!

It is far easier to rationalize that it’s too difficult, too expensive, or too time-consuming than to accept the idea that if we are willing to work hard enough, smart enough, and long enough we can accomplish anything.

Instead of making a commitment, we make up an excuse.

If you find that you frequently invent excuses for why you didn’t do something or have a million reasons why something didn’t work out as planned, it’s time for a reality check!

S0… stop explaining and start doing!

Thank you to Honorée Corder (via Facebook) for today’s motivational post.

Keith L Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Internet Entrepreneur

Focus on the Present and the Future… not on the Past!

The most important time is now… right now!


Because you can’t change the past and there are many things that will influence the future… some of them out of your control!

That’s not to say we should forget about the past… and we certainly shouldn’t leave the future to decide itself!

You see… the past is important, but only in so much as it is a learning tool for the present and the future.

Accept that you cannot change anything from the past and you have taken control of your present…

How good does that feel?

Keith Jones
Life Improvement Coach and Internet Entrepreneur