The KLJ Coaching Team

keith jones - coaching
Keith Jones
Owner & Director
Career Transition Coach


I help talented people to leave teaching to set up their own business… in a way that reduces risk to a minimum. Which isn’t quite the way I did it himself! (Ask me about that when we talk!)

I have sampled the highs and lows of teaching, helping a secondary school maths departments become one of the most successful in the UK, over an 8 year period. I’ve also worked in several blue chip companies across the UK. All of that gives me insights into what it takes to leave teaching to “do your own thing”! Which is exactly what I’m doing right now!

My unique approach to coaching enables clients to move forward rapidly by finding fresh perspectives in life. Decision-making and effectiveness are improved, relationships develop positively and confidence is increased rapidly, resulting in sustained progress and success.




alan_turton - coach
Alan Turton
Executive Coach


Alan is a professional coach experienced in career and lifestyle changes. He runs his own successful coaching and corporate consulting company to guide people through significant changes.
Sometimes we are not clear about what we want, but we know it isn’t what we have right now. Coaching with Alan will enable you to explore the possibilities that are out there and he’ll help you squeeze the most out of your potential – and have fun along the way!