How To Deal With Differences Of Opinion

A Simple Plan To Improve Your Decision Making Process

A fairly typical team meeting?

Every organisation… your business, your church, a social group or even your family will have times when people disagree. That goes without saying.

Sometimes those disagreements are minor and at other times there will be huge differences of opinion. Often, this leads to upset, falling out or even a parting of the ways.

So, how should you deal with these differences? What’s the best way to handle situations where people want to move forward in different directions? Who has the final word?

A simple plan of action could look like this (Though, of course, you may disagree with this!):

  • Set a time-frame for when a final decision simply has to be made.
  • Gather the thoughts of all concerned people or groups of people. All too often management teams make decisions that affect those working on the ground, without including them in the process… missing out on valuable insights.
  • Set up a team to discuss the pros and cons of all suggestions.
  • Look to improve all suggestions you take on board.
  • Build a plan around the ideas you’ve agreed on.
  • Allow some time for people to go away and contemplate the plan you’ve agreed. A few days away from discussion, often results in some fresh ideas.
  • Get together again to finalise and ratify your plan.
  • Review the results of your plan on a regular basis.

decision makingUnderstand that it’s pretty much impossible for everyone to agree on everything and that each team you put together to create your plans, will need to have one person who has the final say in all matters. The whole team needs to understand and accept this and not feel bitter if their ideas aren’t implemented.

Egos need to be taken out of the process and there also has to be an understanding that the final plan will be reviewed and improved as time goes by. That means the ideas not implemented initially, may be tried at a later date.

Could this process work in your organisation or business?

Gather the thoughts of the people around you… and give it a go.

Everyone… and I mean everyone… in your company will have at least one idea that will make a positive difference in one area of your business. Don’t miss out on their valuable insights.

Keith Jones
On A Mission To Help The World