Sometimes we just don’t see it the way it is!

This post was initially going to be a humorous post… with a little twist at the end to make you think.

The Manchester atrocity changed all that and has left me wondering just what terrorists, whatever their cause, actually think they are achieving by killing innocent people. In today’s suicide bombing an 8 year old girl was among the 22 people killed. What can these killings possibly achieve? What problems can they solve?

Hearing about this senseless incident on the news this morning, changed my outlook from one of fun to one of despair for a world that just seems to get more crazy by the day.

My day started as normal…

6.00am – Woken by my alarm… snoozed for 5 minutes and then off to the bathroom for my usual shower etc. (No more details required!).

When I returned to the bedroom, I checked my clock and it was 6:40am. I noticed the time on my watch was about 5:55am. I woke Jo… she’s normally up by now… and commented that my watch needed a new battery.

A few minutes later, I heard my almost 3yr old son Arthur, stirring… so went to get him out of bed… and noticed his clock was slow as well! How strange, I thought!

Arthur pointed out that, “The light hasn’t come on!”. You see his light comes on at 6:30… which is when he’s allowed to get up!

First my watch… then Arthur’s clock… something strange is going on here!

So, I checked my phone… which had the same time as my watch and Arthur’s clock!

Aargh! It was my clock that was wrong… and all this time, I just didn’t see it!

You see, the clock receives signals from Meriden… so it has to be right! It simply never occurred to me that it could be wrong!

That made me think.

In life, there are certain things that we just expect to happen. Certain things that we rely on. Certain things that become habits. Certain things that hold us back, because we just can’t see past them. We can’t see things being different.

Then I switched on the radio and heard about the Manchester bombing.

And my line of though totally changed. Because there would have been mums, dads, brothers, sisters, grandparents, friends, partners, husbands, wives… all waiting at home for their loved ones to walk through the door after a fantastic night out.

But what they expected to happen didn’t happen.

Their certainties changed in an instant.

Hundreds, maybe thousands, of people left devastated and distraught by a senseless and selfish attack.

When will people see sense? When will politicians and terrorists see that violence breeds violence and solves nothing? When will they look for another way forward? When will they stop seeing things as they are and look for a way to change things for the good of all?

My thoughts and prayers are with anyone affected by last night’s events. I cannot imagine how you’re feeling right now.

Keith Jones
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  • The problem is though that although we might not really want to admit it – terrorism does work. You only have to look at the IRA as an example. In the end we held talks with the political wing of the IRA, and they got part of what they wanted. And it’s the same with a lot of the conflicts round the word. When things get bad enough – eventually the parties on both sides say enough is enough, and then they are forced to talk. The only way IS etc can be defeated is to understand their thinking – and then – if possible – to change their thinking.

    • I agree with you to a certain extent, Al. Terrorists win the occasional battle, but not the war. Maybe we need to think in terms of how we can all live together… or apart… but peacefully, rather than seeing it as trying to defeat the terrorists. How we can do that when terrorist organisations see it differently is a difficult problem to overcome, of course! You’re right that eventually both parties will get together to talk… so why not do that sooner rather than later and see if there’s any common ground to build on?